First edition of the "Todos Damos" Programme

Supporting social solidarity projects and institutions in the various countries, through initiatives that involve employees in direct action, and which are not exclusive, nor centralised on the decision of the Board of Directors, was the objective of creating the " Todos Damos" (We All Give) Programme in 2015.

Every year, the employees of the Teixeira Duarte Group companies can make use of "Todos Damos" to reinforce their support for institutions, since the companies add to the value of their donations twice the amount they contribute directly.

Beginning of the Group's activity in Qatar, through TDGI

In 2015, TDGI, together with PETROSERV - a local company with more than 30 years in the area of services associated with the Oil and Gas sector - created a local entity called "TDGISERV", through which it won a contract for the Maintenance of Facilities and Equipment of a batch of buildings belonging to the QATAR FOUNDATION. This contract would include the maintenance of a wide range of assets, including the new Sidra Medical and Research Centre Hospital, the Al Shaqab Equestrian Centre, as well as other buildings and technical facilities of considerable size. It was the first of other important contracts with renowned entities of great financial capacity.

Alienation of two hotel units in Portugal

In a good business opportunity, the Group sold, in December 2015, its subsidiaries "EVA - Sociedade Hoteleira, S.A." and "ROCHORIENTAL - Sociedade Hoteleira, S.A.", owners of two hotels in the Algarve, respectively in Faro and Praia da Rocha, starting to operate in this sector in Portugal with the same two hotel units that it continues today:

  • LAGOAS PARK HOTEL, Oeiras: Four-star unit with 182 rooms
  • SINERAMA, Sines: three-star unit with 105 rooms

Reduction of turnover and penalisation of results

Between 2015 and 2018, essentially as a result of the devaluation of currencies in relevant markets in which the Teixeira Duarte Group companies operate and the strong falls in those economies, namely in Angola and Venezuela, as well as the impairments resulting from the devaluation of the stake in the bank BCP.