The beginning of the Teixeira Duarte Group's activity in the automobile sector dates back to 1991, through a contract for the representation and distribution of Nissan vehicles in Angola by the company "TDA - Comércio e Indústria, Lda.

It was the beginning of a long journey to optimise logistics, to develop workshop and commercial processes, to build facilities - of which the construction of the "POLO TDA" in Luanda Sul in 2008 stands out - and to grow in terms of activity, brands and segments, leading to restructuring from 2011 onwards.

In Portugal, the Group began to operate in this sector in the 1990s through VTD - Veículos Automóveis, S.A. and other subsidiaries, which, with the representation of the Mitsubishi brand and workshops for the FIAT brand, continued to operate until 2007. In 2016 and until 2020, the Group returned to this sector in Portugal, through SMOTORS, S.A., a Group entity with a concession for the SUZUKI brand in the Lisbon region.