Participation in concession companies

The launch of major public works tenders in the design, construction and concession regime has led Teixeira Duarte to carry out, from this time to the present day, major contracts and to have shareholdings in entities such as SCUTVIAS - Autoestrada da Beira Interior, S.A., CPE - Companhia de Parques de Estacionamento, S.A., INDÁQUA - Indústria e Gestão de Águas, S.A., LUSOPONTE - Concessionária para a Travessia do Tejo, S.A., and later, SATU-OEIRAS - Sistema Automático de Transporte Urbano, E.M., S.A., MTS - Metro Transportes do Sul, S.A., AEDL - Auto-Estradas do Douro Litoral, S.A., AEBT - Auto-Estradas do Baixo Tejo, S.A. and TDHOSP - Gestão de Edifício Hospitalar, S.A..

Activity in the Environment area

Also in 1995, activity in the Environment area began, with the acquisition of a majority shareholding in the company then called "RECOLTE - Recolha, Tratamento e Eliminação de Resíduos, S.A.".

The Teixeira Duarte group operates in this sector in Portugal, Spain and Angola, mainly in the areas of design and operation of urban cleaning and hygiene systems, solid urban, industrial and hospital waste management systems, construction and maintenance of gardens and green spaces, construction of equipment and waste treatment and management plants and also cleaning of beaches and coastal areas and maintenance of forests and respective roadways.

This was an area of activity that was gradually consolidated and optimised by the Group, reaching a total of more than 1,000 employees, but in 2016 it was no longer considered strategic for the development of Teixeira Duarte's future operations and, in 2019, the last contract was signed with the aim of ceasing its activity in this area.