The "Fazenda Maxi" Programme

A Programme created in 2012 and promoted by the CND through its "Maxi" brand, which establishes partnerships with producers, with the aim of developing national production and making the best national agricultural products accessible to the entire population.

"Fazenda Maxi" guarantees to producers the commercialisation of their products in "Maxi" stores, collecting and transporting them, as well as providing technical advice throughout the entire production process and specialised training actions aimed at improving the quality and regularity of their production.

Activity growth and geographical expansion

Between 2012 and 2014, Teixeira Duarte had a consolidated and gradual growth of its activity, with significant construction works in important markets, namely:

  • Portugal: Complementary spillway of the Paradela dam in Vila Real and power boosting of the Salamonde dam in Braga
  • Angola: Construction of the National Assembly of Angola and construction of three office buildings for ESCOM, in Luanda
  • Algeria: 2ème Rocade Autoroutière d'Alger Sud; upgrading of the Thenia/Tizi-Ouzu railway line and related electrification to Oued Aissi
  • Mozambique: Construction of the headquarters building of the Bank of Mozambique, in downtown Maputo; Rehabilitation of the Samora Machel Bridge over the Zambezi River
  • Venezuela: Expansion and modernisation of the Port of La Guaira; Construction of the Baralt Tunnel, Macayapa Distributor and Tacagua Viaduct, in Caracas, for the Ministry of Land Transport, which TD-EC is executing through the "Boyacá - La Guaira Consortium", in which it has a 57.2% interest.

New markets in the Construction sector

Between 2012 and 2018, the market prospection effort developed over these years and with support, in some cases, from other geographies where Teixeira Duarte already operated, allowed the Group's companies to take advantage of opportunities in new countries, of which we highlight Colombia, Ecuador and the United States in the American continent, Cape Verde and Gabon, in Africa, the United Kingdom, in Europe and Kuwait, in the Middle East.