This sector became an independent sector within the Teixeira Duarte Group in 2004, and the Group's operations were developed through a number of companies that operated abroad: two of them essentially in support of construction activity in Angola and the others integrated into "C+P.A. - Cimento e Produtos Associados, S.A.", a company in which the Teixeira Duarte Group has a 52% stake, the remaining 48% belonging to the CIMPOR Group, in countries such as Spain, China, Ukraine and prospecting for opportunities in other markets such as Russia and Namibia.

In 2011, the Group ceased to operate in this sector, having contracted the alienation of the shareholding held in the company that operated in this area in Ukraine and, given the evolution of the business that had been developed by the other subsidiaries previously integrated in this sector, it repositioned them to other sectors, namely Construction, Concessions and Services, and others to financial participations.