The beginning of the Teixeira Duarte Group's activity in the hotel sector took place in 1992, through the operation of the Sinerama Hotel, in Sines. This hotel, built by Teixeira Duarte in the mid-1980s, was owned by a company in which Teixeira Duarte had a majority shareholding.

Today, through the brand TDHotels, the Teixeira Duarte Group has eight hotels, two in Portugal, three in Angola and three in Mozambique, totalling 2,460 beds and 1,230 rooms.

Also in 1992, with the acquisition of a stake, today more than 60%, in the share capital of SOMAFEL - Engenharia e Obras Ferroviárias, S.A., Teixeira Duarte reinforced its scope of action in the construction sector with a technical and curriculum added value in the areas of catenary and railway works, which today allow it to develop activity in various countries, with different gauges, from Portugal, Algeria, Brazil, France, Gabon, Morocco, among others.