Execute, contributing towards the construction of a better world.




Ingenuity – Value based on the origin and purpose of the Company: “A House of Engineering,” where, from the research and domination of the principles of science, it innovates and develop the knowledge and techniques to apply, with efficiency and the minimum of waste, in the resolution of practical issues, forming, encouraging and relying to the “in-house” people.

Truth – It consists in the straight appreciation of the facts, exposing the things as they are, with good faith and with great accuracy, assuming the mistakes and limitations, as well as the successes and capabilities, and always reporting in a transparent and adequate the company areas of performance and responsibilities.

Commitment – Corresponds to a responsible and committed way of accepting challenges and responsibilities, on the importance of the “given word” and on the fulfilment of all obligations, with others as well as on the loyalty and complicity with their own colleagues and the Company itself, with respect for others, for the dignity of every human person and for the sustainability of the community.