Mission and Values

Over nearly one hundred years of history, the conduct of employees of Teixeira Duarte Group companies has been guided by ethics that are a source of pride and an incentive for the growth of the company.

At the central core of this ethic lie its mission and values.

The Mission

Defines what drives its employees day-by-day, and establishes the objective shared by all regardless of their area of operation, geography or work team.

Execute, contributing towards the construction of a better world.

"Execute", because it is always intended to make it happen.

“Contributing” , because we must understand that no one does anything alone.

“Construction” , of which we are part.

“a better world” , which is the objective that we all share, within and outside of Teixeira Duarte.

The Values

The Values are the way we must act to reach that objective and characterise the Company’s relationship with all of related parties.