Entry into Spain

Teixeira Duarte began its activities in Spain in 2001, with the execution of the moulded walls works for the METROSUR - Madrid Underground project. In 2003 it acquired a majority shareholding in the company then called "GSC - Compañia General de Servicios y Construcción, S.A.".

The activity in this country would later diversify into other sectors of activity, namely Concessions and Services (Facilities Management and Environment).

Currently, and for a few years now, the activity in the Spanish Construction Sector has been focused on the mining activity of the fully owned subsidiary, EPOS - Empresa Portuguesa de Obras Subterrâneas, S.A..

In the Concessions and Services sector, in 2019 the Group contracted the alienation of the contracts it held in the Environment area, but continued to operate in the Facilities Management area, with major contracts with multinational clients.

Strategic participation in CIMPOR until 2010

In 2001, and within the scope of the reprivatisation process of "CIMPOR - Cimentos de Portugal - SGPS, S.A. (CIMPOR), Teixeira Duarte came to hold an important stake in this company which, on 1 January 2010, totalled 22.17% of the respective share capital and which was sold during the first quarter of that year.

This alienation also allowed Teixeira Duarte to significantly reduce its indebtedness and to strengthen its investment capacity in the other fronts in which it operates.