Construction (in 1980) and relocation (in 1981/82) of the Santa Iria Construction Yards to Vale Figueira, with total reorganisation, significantly optimising the use of space, teams and the work carried out there to support the ever-increasing number of construction projects in progress.

They stand out throughout this decade of the 1980s:

Civil Construction Works

  • One of the first works of the Company in Porto was the branch of Caixa Geral de Depósitos, in a very sensitive area, it was successfully accomplished a construction work of high technical complexity.
  • Miscellaneous touristic projects, particularly in Algarve, with emphasis on the Oriental Hotel in Praia da Rocha, which the Group would later own and operate;
  • Edifices for banking entities, throughout the country;
  • Emblematic "Totobola" Building, where IADE came to be installed, in Lisbon (1982);
  • "Presidente" Building, on Avenida 5 de outubro, in Lisbon, with innovative technical solutions (1982);
  • Postal Financial Services Building of CTT, on Avenida da República, in Lisbon;
  • Building for the News Centre and continuity of RTP, in Avenida 5 de outubro, in Lisbon;
  • Foundations and Structure of the John Paul II Library, of the Portuguese Catholic University, in Lisbon;
  • Multiple works in the Coimbra region, including the "Arnado" Building;
  • Hotel Méridien, in Porto;

Industrial Construction Works

  • Various contracts in the Sines Industrial Complex; Construction of the Tunes Thermoelectric Power Station;
  • Participations in works on Dams (Crestuma, Bravura, Mongarvel, Carrapatelo, Pracana, Funcho, Curalha, São Domingos);
  • diverse manufacturing and warehouse units;
  • In 1982 the first works began in Neves Corvo Mine, in consortium with the Spanish company OSSA, with whom Teixeira Duarte would later constitute E.P.O.S. - Empresa Portuguesa de Obras Subterrâneas, S.A. - an entity currently 100% owned by Teixeira Duarte and through which the Group operates with success and recognition by the market, in this area of Underground Works, in several countries.

Piles and Foundations

  • For the deposits of the Carregado thermoelectric power station;
  • Piles and molded walls for section of A1;
  • Containing walls for the Ibersil Shopping Centre, on Av. da Liberdade, in Lisbon
  • Proceeded works in Angola and Venezuela (Oficinas Gerais do Metropolitano - 1985).