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Human Resources in 2022

On 31 December 2022, the Group had 9,489 employees.

In fact, in 2022, and as in previous years, the performance of subsidiaries operating in the Construction sector continued to have the most influence on the number of Group employees, as they accounted for 54% of its global workforce.

Angola, Brasil and Portugal were the 3 markets with the largest number of employees, with 32%, 30% and 23% respectively, out of all of the countries in which subsidiary companies were operating on this date.


To join the Teixeira Duarte Group and contribute to the construction of a better world, consult the job opportunities available in the various companies of the Group, and submit your application.


Teixeira Duarte Group clarifies that, at no point in any ongoing hiring processes that may be in progress, applicants are required to provide any information on credit cards or other means of payment and – above all – it does not request advance payment of any amount, on any basis, to that effect. Furthermore, contracts are always agreed in person. Do not reply, send elements, or pay any amount if they appear to have been requested from you by Teixeira Duarte Group, because the company does not do this.