Teixeira Duarte began operating in the Distribution sector in Angola in 1996, in a natural way, based on its previous experience of the need to create supply channels for its teams, which operated there in large numbers and dispersed throughout the territory.

Since then, the Organisation has grown and diversified its operation in Angola, centred on a Cash&Carry model, which in 2011 was subject to major restructuring and repositioning within the Group, which also involved growth of the food network and expansion to other specialised retail areas.


In 1996, Teixeira Duarte assumed a position in this sector through the acquisition of a majority shareholding in "PETRAS, S.A. " and the respective operation of its fuel filling stations, later broadening its scope of activity in the sector, namely through the acquisition of various companies operating in Portugal under the Avia brand - of which it was the representative for fuels and lubricants with more than 100 filling stations - and, later, in partnership with another Portuguese group, in the area of gas, under the DIGAL brand, as well as in the area of solar thermal energy, with the representation in Portugal of the international brands "SOLAHART" and "SONNENKRAFT". Teixeira Duarte ceased its activity in this sector through the sale of its position in 2017.