Global Goals. Local Priorities.


Sustainability is understood by the Teixeira Duarte Group companies as the result of a way of being and acting with a sense of responsibility.This attitude is reflected in the relationship of its employees with all stakeholders.

In fact, the Group's Mission and Values reflect a deep-rooted way of acting over several generations, which is established in a Business Conduct Policy with proceeding objectives in the context of its activities and commercial relations, contributing to the effective global sustainability of the subsidiaries from an economic, social and environmental perspectives.

As there is a wide range of sectors of activity in this universe of Teixeira Duarte Group companies, which operate in several countries, the sustainable development of the businesses is ensured by each area of activity, given their proximity to operations and greater effectiveness of their actions.

Each subsidiary thus responds to the sustainable development challenges of its activities, and is guided by the Group with regard to general objectives and the specific sustainability priorities for each country.



Teixeira Duarte Group's Sustainability Model

Sustainability Management

Teixeira Duarte's Sustainable Development Committee is responsible for managing sustainability from a strategic point of view at Group level. In functional terms, it depends on the Board of Directors and operationally it consists of representatives of all the businesses in the Group's most representative markets.

The Committee develops joint guidelines for the areas that the Group has defined as priorities, in order to establish its position in relation to them, ensures the articulation of information and good practices, and promotes synergies between companies through collaboration in transversal projects and specific initiatives.