The Teixeira Duarte Group started operating in the Distribution sector in 1996, in Angola, through a food product distribution company.
Having expanded and diversified its distribution business, the Group currently operates in several markets, namely Angola (through DCG and CND), Portugal (through TDD) and South Africa (through GND).

CND, one of the companies operating in Angola, owns one of the best-known grocery store chains – “MAXI” and “bompreço” –, as well as furniture and household goods brand “Dakaza” and more recently developed its area of health and wellness with “Farmácia Popular”. The Group also owns the “Nilo Pastries” in the catering business.

The “MAXI” and “bompreço” chain features 16 shops in Luanda, Luanda Sul, Cacuaco, Viana, Zango, Benguela, Lobito, Porto Amboim and Sumbe. Launched in 2014, the “Dakaza” brand already boasts 6 shops in Luanda and Benguela. “Farmácia Popular” features 3 stores at Maxipark Cacuaco, Maxipark Rocha Pinto and Maxipark Morro Bento, all inside Luanda’s metropolitan area. There are currently 8 “Nilo Pastries” in Luanda.

DCG, the other company operating in Angola, is the exclusive distributor of a wide range of brands.

The distribution business is supported by a well-organised, structured logistics network, including a Distribution Centre equipped with an advanced stock management system (SAP), a modern storage unit able to operate at room temperature and cold temperatures (positive and negative), and a fleet of over one hundred vehicles.

The Group is actively engaged in the procurement of new products and solutions for its customers, at competitive prices, in the various countries where it operates

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