Ricardo Esquível Teixeira Duarte Award attributed to the Algiers Subway and Venda Nova III projects

Cenor (currently TPF Planege Cenor) was one of the winners at the 1st edition of the Ricardo Esquível Teixeira Duarte award ceremony for their work regarding the Algiers Subway, Line 1, Extension A project, whose construction was undertaken by way of a group effort which included the participation of Teixeira Duarte – Engenharia e Construções, S.A. The award was also attributed, ex aequo, to the project developed by EDP towards an Upgrade in Power for the Venda Nova Hydroelectric Complex.

Regarding the Algiers Subway project, Cenor was responsible for the elaboration of the Execution Project and Geotechnical counseling of the project, development of the geological and geotechnical studies, the final excavation project, cladding of structures and other internal structures in reinforced concrete – also encompassing the following fields of specialization: railway project, architecture, ventilation, electromechanical equipment, lighting and electric systems, signaling, telecommunications and power systems, water supply and drainage and fire prevention systems.

Extension A of Line 1 of the Algiers Subway is approximately 1.8 km in length and was implemented completely underground in the central area of the city, including the implementation of two stations: the Place des Martyrs Station and the Ali Boumendjel Station.

The undertaking, performed for the client Entreprise Mêtro d’Alger, was of the responsibility of a group effort which included the participation of Teixeira Duarte – Engenharia e Construções, S.A. (TD-EC) and was concluded in 2016. The value of these works, for the part pertaining to TD-EC (40%), reached roughly 64 million euros.

One of the evident challenges of this project was the degree of occupation verified at the surface, predominantly comprised by residential buildings from vastly different eras. Among these, one could highlight the centennial buildings from the period of the French colonial occupation, due to their considerable size (up to six stories tall) as well as the buildings belonging to the historical area of the Casbah (citadel) – comprising the foundations of the medieval city and recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1991. In general, these buildings were considered to be significantly degraded and weakened, not only due to their age and lack of conservation, but also due to earthquakes which frequently affect the area. Therefore, the control of soil displacements associated with the excavations, many of them quite vast in terms of scope and complexity, was attributed the utmost importance. Another relevant aspect was the implementation of the works within a highly ambitious time frame and area having an extremely relevant archaeological value, which was preserved by way of local and international authorities.

Particularly challenging and innovative was the concreting works for the massive galleries present at the Place des Martyrs Station, due to the unique dimensions of the required molds as well as due to the phasing-in process to be employed, mainly at the access route connection areas.


The Ricardo Esquível Teixeira Duarte Award: motivating and distinguishing innovation in the field of Geotechnics

Established in 2017 by the Portuguese Geotechnics Association, the Ricardo Esquível Teixeira Duarte award seeks to motivate and distinguish the creators of Geotechnical project solutions or those of projects having a significant Geotechnical component, which stand out in terms of innovation for their design, layout, execution, materials used or control in terms of implementation.

“Engineer Ricardo Esquível Teixeira Duarte, founder of the Teixeira Duarte Company, was one of the more enthusiastic and innovative geotechnicians who, thanks to his philosophy, culture and behavioral virtue, created a company specializing in geotechnics. Introducing and integrating the most recent technologies at the time, he strived for, and pioneered, the creation of an Engineering Company that employs Portuguese engineers. (…) founded in 1921 with other engineers, the Portuguese Engineering Association, (…) was elected in 1950 as President of the Engineers’ Association, a position that he occupied until July of 1952, (…)» in “Gallery – Ricardo Esquível Teixeira Duarte” (Ingenium magazine, December of 1996)

Presentation of the projects which won the 1st edition of the award took place on May 27, at the 16th National Geotechnics Congress, in Ponta Delgada. This is the main event organized by the Portuguese Geotechnics Association, and has taken place since 1985. Its purpose is to promote technical and scientific debates within the national geotechnical community, address the fields of engineering geology, soil mechanics and rock mechanics, and also to provide the exchange and update of information between the different experts in the area of Geotechnics.