Teixeira Duarte Group started operating in the Real Estate sector in the 1970s, and since then has expanded its real estate operations to several segments and countries.

In addition to Portugal, the Real Estate sector is currently present in Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Spain and United States of America.

In line with the business diversification strategy adopted by the Teixeira Duarte Group, the Real Estate Area, as a natural, logical extension of the Parent Company’s core business, has been following a consistent, systematic land acquisition policy in the markets where the Group operates. Accordingly, the Group has purchased a large number of plots with a wide variety of uses, namely residential, corporate, trade and services and logistics.

The Group has built an extensive project portfolio over the years represents a built area of over 1.000.000 sqm, with various uses. Additionally, the real estate team manages more than 500.000 sqm in assets with high occupation rates and high satisfaction levels, attesting to the quality of the services provided.

The Group’s real estate development policy focuses on creating value through rational, innovative construction projects. In this sense, the Group seeks to achieve recognition for its quality, benefitting from the existing synergies with the construction business.

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