Teixeira Duarte performs marine construction works valued at 137 million euros equivalent in algeria

Teixeira Duarte – Engenharia e Construções, S.A. was awarded a service order from an entity integrated in the National Ministry of Algeria for the execution of the construction work in this country, consisting of: project elaboration, site and transfer implementation, infrastructures, civil construction works, supply and installation of an vessel elevator with a lifting capacity of over 9,000 tons and also the training of the technicians involved.

In accordance with the announcement made on October 11th on behalf of Teixeira Duarte, S.A., the period foreseen for execution of the works is of 29 months, with the value of the works totaling 96 million Euro and 4,513 million Algerian Dinars, representing a total approximately equivalent to 137 million Euro.

Algeria has been a strategic market for Teixeira Duarte since 2003, and had their first public works carried out in 2005.

Teixeira Duarte has, since then, proceeded to mobilize personnel, equipment and assets that have allowed for the creation of local structures which enabled the work to be done in Algeria, thereby contributing towards the noticeable development of the area while competing with companies from every continent in the world. In 2016, the Algerian market contributed towards 9% of the global turnover of the Teixeira Duarte Group.

Teixeira Duarte performs in Algeria within the Construction sector, with a main focus on the infrastructures segment.