Refurbishment of the Hercílio Luz Bridge: conclusion of the first lug beam removal stage

Within the extent of the refurbishment of the Hercílio Luz Bridge in Florianópolis, Brazil, a project undertaken on behalf Teixeira Duarte, the works involving the removal of 272 lug beams, of a total of 360, were concluded on November the 28th. The 88 remaining items, located in the central part of the bridge and on the upper part of the trusses, shall be removed during the second fortnight of December of this year.

To remove these units, implementation of the fourth load transfer phase will be necessary; this shall encompass lowering the central span truss at the point from which it was initially lifted. The span shall therefore be lowered 53 centimeters so that afterwards only the two extremities of the truss may be elevated. The purpose is to compress the upper truss cable so that lug beam removal may be possible. This operation should take place 15 days from now.

The next stage involves recovery of the trusses and at the same time replacement of the joints and decks, which are units at the bases and tips, respectively, of the main towers. The towers remain in balance with the aid of a system of rods provisionally installed for this purpose.

The installation of the new beams, depending on the weather, will commence as of April of 2018, with conclusion of the refurbishment works foreseen for the end of the same year.