In the field of Social Responsibility, Teixeira Duarte, by itself and through its shareholders, its directors and its employees, always took an active role, particularly with regard to the welfare of its employees and respective families, being precisely through these concerns, joint efforts and common goals that are best pursued the purposes of conducting a social justice that all share and that everyone can embrace.

Also in this context, it is noted that the company has understood the duty to focus, through an institutionalized position, a posture that demonstrates the genuine commitment that Teixeira Duarte has dedicated to the implementation of a policy of support to the needy, translated not only into actions in the internal plan of its organization, as well as in areas of social welfare organizations.

The certification of the Social Responsibility Management System, obtained during the year 2009, appears, therefore, as a natural corollary of these practices, demonstrating compliance with the reference standard requirements in this matter, the SA 8000.