Teixeira Duarte Group Code of Ethics and Conduct, applicable to all Group companies and employees


At its meeting on 5 February 2018, the Board of Directors of Teixeira Duarte, S.A. approved the new “Teixeira Duarte Group Code of Ethics and Conduct”.

See the “Teixeira Duarte Group Code of Ethics and Conduct” here.

The Code enshrines the mission and values that define the ethics of the Teixeira Duarte Group and sets out rules that strengthen, develop or complement them, thus defining the conduct of all the respective recipients.


What companies does it apply to?

This new, updated version of the Code applies to Teixeira Duarte, S.A. itself and to all of the companies operating as part of the Group and under the scope of its consolidation, in every geography where the Group does business.


What people does it apply to?

The Code is intended for all administrators, workers and other representatives of the company; furthermore, all of these people are expected not only to be aware of and familiar with the Code, implement it in-house and defend it externally, but also to promote the application of the respective rules by third parties in the scope of and during the execution of said third parties’ relationships with any Teixeira Duarte Group company.


Communication of any irregularities

Any irregularities that may be detected in relation to any external or in-house regulations should be reported using the following means:

– Correspondence sent to the management or supervisory body of the Teixeira Duarte Group company where the irregularities in question were detected;

– Correspondence sent to the Board of Directors or the Supervisory Board of Teixeira Duarte, S.A.

– E-mail to compliance@teixeiraduarte.pt, an independent body set up within the scope of the Teixeira Duarte Group.


Each Group company guarantees the confidentiality of any correspondence received by it, the absence of any reprisals against complainants speaking out in good faith, and the protection of the personal data of both the complainant and the suspected offender. Reprisals against complainants are condemned by Teixeira Duarte S.A. and by all Group companies and may lead to disciplinary proceedings being taken against the perpetrators and facilitators of such reprisals.