Teixeira Duarte

Pedro Maria Calainho Teixeira Duarte

Chairman of the Board of Directors


Having started its activity in 1921, Teixeira Duarte is now leading one of the largest Portuguese Economic Groups.

Based on its structuring values: Ingenuity, Truth, and Commitment, Teixeira Duarte continues performing its mission: Execute, contributing towards the construction of a better world.

True to these guidelines, Teixeira Duarte had a steady and sustained growth, especially in recent decades, that enabled with strong entrepreneurial skills, with means and resources, including HR, that allowed multiple processes of internationalization and the diversification of its activity several other sectors.

Teixeira Duarte Group currently has about 11,000 employees operating in 20 countries on four continents and doing business in seven different sectors such as Construction, Concessions and Services, Real Estate, Hospitality, Distribution, and Automobile.

Nowadays, Teixeira Duarte takes responsibility for its great value and pioneering in the construction sector, where their teams and structures are interconnected to one end result of recognized ability in design, innovation, building and managing large projects and ventures.

From large-scale infrastructures such as bridges, dams, hospitals, roads and other public works, to the great buildings that mark our history, speaking about Teixeira Duarte means great know-how and constant presence in our daily lives.

Teixeira Duarte is quoted on the stock exchange since 1998 and is dominated by family Teixeira Duarte, a situation that has ensured great stability, whether in strategy or in business structures.

The growth of the company will surely be enhanced by the synergy between different sectors and countries, where Teixeira Duarte has established itself, allowing it to confidently and responsibly continue performing its mission:

Execute, contributing towards the construction of a better world.